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BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment

Have you ever heard of BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment? Wonder why more and more people look younger & have fewer wrinkles on their face?

Now, here is the thing about Botox. It is a cosmetic treatment that does not involve surgery or patient admission into a clinic. In fact, it is the universal substitute for facial cosmetic surgery! For most people, it helps in eliminating wrinkles and lines on their neck and face. With no side effects at all and, the processes is simple and specific which help to consistently keep and make the skin looking young and alive.

BOTOX treatment takes just some minutes to administer, and there is little to no pain or recovery time required. Which makes patients look refreshed and revitalized in just a few days…With no one ever noticing you as you age gracefully.

Dr.Mejias is an expert and an extremely committed Dentist whose primary goal is to ensure an encouraging experience with lovely and beautiful results.

To know more about BOTOX Cosmetic, call to schedule a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Mejias.


When Is BOTOX® Cosmetic Right

Everyone can be a potential recipient of Botox treatment. It all depends on why you want it done.

People that are ever happy with their BOTOX Cosmetic treatment have an understanding of its constraints and have convincing expectations. This treatment performs its duty well by calming the facial muscles which are accountable for extending and deepening the wrinkles and lines. It decreases the presence of dynamic wrinkles instigated by recurring muscle movements. However, you might also need an injectable filler like JUVÉDERM.  JUVÉDERM is used to fill in deep lines prompted by the loss of volume in the skin.

If you live an active and busy life, BOTOX Cosmetic could be the perfect solution! There is no need for you putting your life on hold as you would do if you were to go through a surgical procedure. This procedure can be done for you on your way back from the office.

The process itself takes a few minutes from the beginning to the completion. BOTOX Cosmetic will save you money and time. There is nearly no recovery period.


What to Expect

Once the area has been cleaned and prepped, Dr. Mejias will inject BOTOX directly into the site that needs treatment. Before the injection, Dr. Mejias will study your facial features and gestures to evaluate your muscles movements and decide on the best location for the injections. For patients that are sensitive, a topical painkiller possibly will be applied.

The injection temporarily freeze the muscles into a restful state. After the muscles have relaxed, the surface of the skin will undoubtedly smooth out. BOTOX Cosmetic is used to treat wrinkles in many parts of the neck and face, even around the mouth and between the brows ­– it can also be used to relax other muscles such as the trapezius muscles.


Recovery & Results

There is zero recovery time needed for BOTOX Cosmetic treatment, and you can quickly return to your healthy life immediately after the process. The concluding outcomes will be apparent in some days’ time and will last for several months.

The effects of BOTOX Cosmetic are not permanent, so you will notice a steady return to your pre-treatment state over time. Most patients do schedule for regular, consistent treatment periods which often take place every few months to retain their new look. Because of its short-term nature, BOTOX Cosmetic is best when used to end early signs of aging, and it’s used over an extended time.


With Other Procedures

As BOTOX is not filler, it cannot be used to fill in intense scars, lines or deep wrinkles. The treatment for these concerns will call for dermal filler. BOTOX Cosmetic treatment can also be used to supplement almost any other nonsurgical or surgical facial process.

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